Keine Ahnung von Citrat-Zyklus?

Well, Mr. Wilson Lam representet echten

Biochemist Hip Hop und covert Macklemores

Thrift Shop für euch

Complete Lyrics (from Lam’s post on YouTube, January, 2013):

[Hook] I’m gonna pop some carbs Only got a lil‘ glucose in my pathway I – I – I’m lazy, lookin‘ for some CoA This is frigging awesome

[Verse 1] Now I got some glucose; hell yeah, I’m in that prep phase I’m so pumped; doin‘ work with hexokinase Glucose to the glucose with a number six phosphate PGI to that fructose 6-phosphate (dayum) ATP, ADP, phosphofructokinase E, 1,6-bis, FBP, adolase, two GAP; GAPDH with some PGK & PGM, 3-P to the 2-Phosphoglycerate, and then (Enolaaaaaaaassseeee) PEP to Pyruvate! (glycolysis)

[Verse 2] FAD, NAD bout to go and grab some hydroG Pumpin‘ out all those substrates for some work yeah that’s that energy shuttlin‘ through that mito-C like nobody’s business what you know about oxidation? biz-NITCH I’mma do it TCA, I’mma do it TCA No for real – movin‘ on – can I have some A-CoA? (thank-you) Citrate synthase from that CoA to that citrate Aconitase, step two; isocitrate I had some NAD+ (plus), I used some NAD+ (plus) I made some NADH (Hhhhhhhh), and alpha-ketogluterate (oh snap) dehydrogenase complex, plus some CoA CO2, NADH out; succinyl CoA then I take that GDP, add a P (GTP), hold on wait CoAs gone, people be like „Aw, he got the succinate“

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3] What you know about intermediary metabolism? (not much) What you knowin‘ about what’s goin‘ on in your skin? (uhhhhh) I’m diggin, I’m diggin, I’m lookin‘ for some FAD Step 6, succinate dehydrogenase, that’s the key (zing) Movin‘ on, reducin‘ that FAD up to FADH2 fumarate, fumarase that’s the enzyme now go shift your gaze to malate (okay); step 8, malate dehydrogenase finish off; NADH, oxaloacetate (ahhhhh)

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2] That’s how Kreb’s cycle goes If you didn’t doze now you know This is how TCA flows BCH actually doesn’t blow




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